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The Times, 22 April 1921: “they had had reality before them and it had gone”

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  1. Mae Whitlock Gentry says:

    In advance of his trip to London, Roland Hayes wrote a letter to my great-uncle, Charleston (SC) artist Edwin A. Harleston, whose cousin William Lawrence was Hayes’ accompanist. I thought you (and other researchers) might find it of interest, as it mentions his upcoming tour of Europe and Africa:

    3 Warwick Pl.
    April 17, 1920

    Dear Edwin:

    I am glad to have your letter and altho I was in [unintelligible] “Solene in Quest’ora,” I shall be glad to have it sent to you when it’s put in. I am not taking care of the records now, but if you will send a letter to Mrs. A.P. Shaw, 45 Wellesley Park, Dorchester, I know she will be only too glad to have you take some records.

    Yes, old friend, I am going to the Old Country and will strike in at London and will concertize all thru the British Isles, and then to France, Italy and Africa. I’ll tell all your relatives “howdy” when I reach Africa. Ha! I shall be most careful as to how and where I go in Africa.

    I shall look up Mr. Jenkins when I get to London. I am sailing April 24th Cunard Line – Mauretania – Room E40. Sailing at noon of this date. I am sorry that I shall not see you before I go.

    I have had a most wonderful season. Best of my whole career. I wish I could sing some for you now. I know I could move you like [unintelligible] my voice has grown amazingly. If it’s twelve years on, twill be equal to the role in Othello.

    Good luck,


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