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Jeffrey is a historian
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095: A German view of imperialism in Africa, 1904

France (left) and the Congo Independent State owned by Leopold II (right)

The German satirical magazine Simplicissimus started in 1896 and continued into the 1940s, despite many law suits from offended people. The Munich-based weekly issued a Colonial edition on 3 May 1904, expressing its opinions of imperialism in Africa.
The amorous French (note the ‘half-caste’ child) and the greedy Leopold (his African empire became the Belgian Congo in 1908), the numbered giraffes and the smug British suggest that attitudes to African imperialism in Europe were broad.

Whisky and the Bible were use by the British

The Germans brought order to Africa

The sign on the tree says in German ‘It is forbidden to dump garbage and snow on this site” (my thanks to Rainer Lotz).

This page was in a collection saved from an old used-book shop in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 1970s.