005: Amy Barbour-James & the League of Coloured Peoples 1942 » Amy B-J ca 1960

Miss Barbour-James, probably around 1960

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  1. cw clark says:

    Hello – I couldn’t find a link from #059. I found the article most interesting and feel gratified that an historian in the UK has taken such an interest in my great-great grandparents and their offspring. That said I hope you won’t mind if I make some comments and observations. It was Lady Noel Byron who established the Ockham Industrial School. To the best of my knowledge William Ivens never went to rejoin his parents in Georgia. He married a widow with a number of children -Louise Lejeune . Their daughter – Ellen Louisa Craft was my grandmother. Interestingly enough her wedding was witnessed by her father [then a coal merchant] and her aunt Ellen Crum just before returning to Charleston to be at W D Crum’s deathbed. I believe that after their leaving to start a new life in Hammersmith Lord Lovelace undertook to pay for the two boy’s [the other children were born later] education. William jnr was the second son contrary to the impression you give. cla@greenbee.net

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