028: The Johnsons of Bournemouth 1894-1928 » TLJ portrait

Johnson as in his 1909 book

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  1. Allyson Devenish says:

    Dear Jeffrey Green,

    Apologies for using this group of pictures – I seem unable to connect via the photo of Samuel Coleridge Taylor!

    Briefly – I am a pianist and music director (
    http://www.nitro.co.uk/people/staff/) who, like many others, is planning a musical celebration of SCT. I don not, however want to do a straight forward recital of various works. Instead, I am proposing an informative “music theatre” event that combines some of the chamber music/songs of SCT with readings about/conversations between various members of the Edwardian black middle class – a section of society of which SCT was a member.

    Having read your book “Black Edwardians – Black People in Great Britain 1901-1914 with great interest, I would very much like to talk to/meet up with you to find out more about available correspondence and perhaps collaborate with you on some level re: readings/presentation/talk?

    If you have a moment, could you get in touch at the following email address: allysondevenish@hotmail.com.

    Many thanks.

    Allyson Devenish

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